POST  /events/signup

Sign up one of your robots to an event.

Authorization Required

Authorization is required for this resource.


Content-Type [Required]
All API requests must have Content-Type declared.
Authorization [Required]
Bearer authorization_token
In order to carry out this request, your authorization token will need to be supplied with this request. Your authorization token can be found associated to your account on Rampage. NB: Please never reveal this key publicly.


event_id [Required]
ID of the event.
robot_id [Required]
ID of the robot.
If signing up to a private event, the event password must be specified.


{"success":"Robot has been signed up successfully as a competitor."}
Robot Id Not Provided
{"error":"robot_id must be specified."}
Event Id Not Provided
{"error":"event_id must be specified."}
Robot Not Found
{"error":"Robot not found."}
Event Not Found
{"error":"Event not found."}
Private Event No Password Specified
{"error":"Private events require an event password."}
Private Event Password Incorrect
{"error":"Private event password is incorrect."}
Signup Check Already Signed Up
{"error":"This robot is already signed up to this event."}
Signup Check Invalid Robots
{"error":"None of your robots meet the criteria for this event."}
Signup Check Event Is Active
{"error":"This event is marked as active; therefore you can not sign up to this event."}
Signup Check Application Required
{"error":"For this event, you must submit an application."}
Signup Check Maximum Robots Per Team Breached
{"error":"You have signed up with the maximum amount of robots permissible per team for this event."}
Signup Check General Error
{"error":"This robot is not eligible to sign up to this event. This could be due to the robot not meeting the valid weightclass, or the event has closed signups."}
Disallow Signups On Close
{"error":"At this time, the event has closed signups. This means you won't be able to sign up to this event; even as a reserve."}
Insufficient Permissions
{"error":"You do not have permissions to access this resource."}