This page will provide a reference for any codes, integers, or essential URL's that may show up in the provided resources.


There are no officially supported client or server side libraries available, however a JS implementation authored by Merseyside Robot Fighting is available to use. This is limited in support and only provides unauthenticated GET and POST requests. Download it now at


The API Endpoint is located at

Rate Limiting

Unless specified, you are limited to 50 requests per hour for all resources; however some resources may have their own rate limiting set, if this is the case then this will be shown for the applicable resource.

Robot Weight Classes

Currently there are 9 weight classes. These are identified as:

  • 1 : Antweight (150g)
  • 2 : Beetleweight (1.5kg)
  • 3 : Featherweight (13.6kg) (30lb)
  • 4 : Middleweight
  • 5 : Heavyweight
  • 6 : US Antweight (454g) (1lb)
  • 7 : US Beetleweight (1.36kg) (3lb)
  • 8 : Featherweight Sportsman - Robodojo Rules (13.6kg) (30lb) Deprecated: Do not use as of 8/3/22
  • 9 : Bristol Antweight - Bristol Bot Builders Rules (175g / 250g)